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Deployer Flash Drives Flat Closed
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Deployer Flash Drives

Open Source Deployer shaped flash drives, help contribute to open source by getting one for yourself.
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Deployer: indispensable. That''s the best way to describe how this tool has helped us. Its principle function is to help PHP application administrators automate the deployment process of new apps, new instances of existing apps, and all the small checks and validation functions that goes along with those processes. Deployer can easily shrink the time for application deployment from hours to minutes and it has certainly saved us time.

This is a great way to help contribute to Open Source and directly to Deployer. If your a fan of other products check out all our Open Source Flash Drives.

Deployer has a special place in our hearts because while its not only one of the projects that has helped save us countless hours of time it is also the very first project we have partnered with. So we are extremely proud and excited to announce that you can now get your hands on one of these awesome Deployer paper plane flash drives.

All the profits from your purchase will also go right back to Deployer to help continue funding the development of the project. So not only will you get a cool flash drive out of it, but you''''ll also be helping Deployer out!

✔ Color: Blue
✔ Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
✔ Capacities Available: 16GB 3.0, 32GB 3.0, 64GB 3.0
✔ Size Dimensions: 1 ⅞” x ½” x 2”


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