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Flash Drive Hardware
ID Serialization

Create a Unique sequence of hardware ID for your software kits or for authentication and tracking purposes.

About USB Drive Hardware ID Serialization

If you need to keep track of your individual drives, we can serialize the hardware ID (or HID) of the flash drives in sequential order. You can think of this like adding a unique barcode to the drive's internal properties. This service provides an easy way to ensure the correct drives reach the intended recipients.

The process

It couldn't get more easy, simply ask us to serialize your drives and give us the starting serialize number.

Why serialize your flash drives?

This is an advanced feature that is typically used in conjunction with software or hardware to authenticate a user or software license key. A few use cases are listed below.

Software License Key Fobs
Many software vendors will choose to associate a specific physical device with the licensor of their software. The software will read the hardware ID from the USB device and match that to the license key being used. Without the presence of the USB drive the software will not function.

Device Tracking
A hardware ID can also be used to track particular user behavior in a corporate environment and keep logs of what files a user has copied.

Frequently asked questions

Can I serialize the outside of the drive to match the hardware ID?

Yes! Internal serialization can be used in conjunction with external serialization or numbering of the drives. Though a custom project of this sort may incur additional cost, contact your account executive or sales@usbmemorydirect.com for more information about external serialization.

Can USB Memory Direct assist us with software license key setup?

Unfortunately, we cannot. The extent of the services we provide are serializing the Hardware IDs, we do not have the staff available to assist customers with writing custom software to work with this service.

Can I give USB Memory Direct a list of Hardware IDs we want on the drives?

Typically, no. This would be a much more difficult process and wouldn't be covered under our free serialization service, though it is possible.

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