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DK on Blue TC on Strips JY on Purple DK on Strips ED on Yellow USB Memory Direct Ubie Logo on Light Teal NM on Purple LG on Strips TC on Fuchsia MS on Burgundy ED on Strips TK on Green
MG on Dark Orange USB Memory Direct Ubie Logo MS on Strips TK on Orange SG on Green JS on Strips NS on Blue DK on Green CG on Purple LG on Light Blue USB Memory Direct Ubie Logo MS on Strips
JS on Strips NS on Dark Purple LG on Light Blue USB Memory Direct Ubie Logo JY on Strips MS on Blue MS on Strips Up USB Memory Direct Ubie Logo JS on Teal NM on Strips JY on Yellow TC on Dark Orange

What we're all about!

If you haven't caught on by now, we are all about USB drives. And we have been for over 15 years. On any given day you can catch us designing business card flash drives for corporate executives or custom shapes for nationwide companies. We have a passion for helping businesses big or small promote their brand with our wholesale flash drives. Of course, all of this couldn't happen without our amazing team, which is where you come in!

This is the why!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get it by now. We make flash drives. That’s not the only reason why we are awesome though. We are awesome because we have a unique start-up tech culture that we want you to be a part of!

We like to describe our office atmosphere as laid back, but not the type of laid back where we accomplish nothing. Our team filled with intelligent, talented, and innovative people are always ready to put their best foot forward. While we always work hard, we tend to play even harder when it comes to having fun. You'll catch our employees dueling it out during a game of ping-pong or on the office gaming system. Celebrations are also part of the norm, that's why we always have cake on employees' birthdays and cater delicious lunches. Maybe if food doesn't entice you, your luck with lotto will. It's a UMD tradition to play Bingo on Fridays, so who knows maybe you'll be the next million dollar winner. Oh, and how could we forget our super casual dress code. Now that we have your attention, we will let you in on a little secret. Mention our mascot "Ubie" on your application to score some brownie points with our managers, and maybe even a free flash drive if you land an interview.

Perks, yeah we have those too!

  • Video games, ping pong matches, and company events! Lots of video games, fierce ping-pong battles, and company events.
  • Catering happens often. Catered lunches and birthday celebrations.
  • Performance incentives are not in short supply Weekly bonuses and performance incentives.
  • Medical coverage Healthcare packages including medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Casual dress code - T-shirts and jeans are always welcomed.
  • Flexible schedules, paid time off, and paid holidays. Paid holidays, flexible vacation days, and paid time off.

Available Positions