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Open Source @ UMD

A collection of source code and projects we use to be awesome.


Open Source software has been a huge part of our business and rapid growth from the day we shared our first file to today where we run our entire corporate IT infrastructure on Open Source software. Over the years we have written some of our own software, donated to a bunch of our favorite projects, and even partnered with some awesome Open Source apps. That's what we want to share with everyone. Hopefully, we can inspire some existing businesses to join the party, or better yet show new businesses the benefits of Open Source.


Check out our source code repositories. If you want the most up to date patches and fixes for code we release you'll find them here. We'll be adding more projects periodically so keep checking back!

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GitHub is our primary version control repository. You'll see all of our code releases here first.

Check out our Github

Flash Drives 4 Open Source

In our continuing effort to help out the Open Source projects we depend on the most, we have started FD4OS. We are partnering with our favorite projects to create flash drives in the shape of their logos so that their fans and the general public can purchase them. All the profits from the drives you purchase are sent back to the projects. Not only can you pick up some cool swag, but also help your favorite project strive!


Head on our to our webstore and browse all the Open Source Flash Drives we currently have available.

Our Projects

We've written a lot of software over the past few decades and we want to start sharing it, what we can of course :). We'll post our favorite apps, scripts, plugins, and code projects here.

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A simple Wordpress plugin that allows you to add custom fields to authors profiles without the clutter of a larger plugin.

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What we're up to

All the news about new projects, partnerships, programs, and initiatives we take here at USB Memory Direct.

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10 Years of Open Source at USB Memory Direct

Today marks our ten year anniversary of using Open Source software. We have learned so many things about Open Source throughout the years, most significant of all is how important it has been to the success of our business. Without our accidental discovery of Ubuntu a decade ago and our brazen disregard for industry IT norms we might not be the company we are now.