Kings, Queens and all things Royal

Sassi Story Book - The Little Prince

A distant asteroid, infested with baobabs and inhabited by a haughty rose. A child with hair the ..

Sassi Book and Giant Puzzle - The Knight's Castle, 60 pcs

Enter into the adventurous world of knights' castle!  The set includes a 10 page rhyming hardback ..

Kruselings - Outfit - Summer Queen Outfit

Kruselings doll clothes are designed to match children’s clothes. This outfit fit all the 23cm dolls..

Sassi Book and Giant Puzzle  - The Princess Ball, 30 pcs

This set includes a 30 giant piece puzzle and complementary book. The ballroom’s decorated, the c..

Sassi Books - Story and Picture Book - Becoming Queen

It is not easy becoming the queen of a beehive. Sophia knows that all too well, often distract..

Sassi 3D Assemble, Build and Book - Princess Castle

The beautiful princess is about to attend a lavish ball in a magical castle. Construct the magnifi..

Sassi - Die-Cut, Fairy Tale - The Snow Queen

Sparkling ice and snow provide a magical backdrop for this classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy ta..

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